Swedish Meatballs side dish and serving ideas

Swedish meatballs, synonymous with both Sweden and IKEA, are delicious small beef or veal meatballs, seasoned in a rich, creamy sauce. They are also incredibly versatile. You can serve them over hot buttered pasta or creamy mashed potatoes, or you can just stand over the pan and devour them. To make it less rich, serve it with cranberry sauce or, if you can’t find cranberries, try cranberry sauce or a quick pickle.

Swedish meatballs served with…

Something with vegetables

Brussels sprouts

green beans

Parsnip puree

Peas and onions

frozen carrots

Red cabbage and apple

Garden salad



Something containing starch

cooked dill

buttered egg noodles

Mashed potatoes

Potato pancakes


Some sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry compote

Cranberry Sauce


frequently asked questions

What’s good about Swedish meatballs?

Swedish meatballs

What are the proper side dishes for meatballs?


What can I serve with meatballs except pasta?

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