What to Serve with Red Beans and Rice (12 Cajun Side Dishes)


For me, ham is synonymous with vacation. He was the star of the show when I was a kid! There is nothing better than spending time with your family and enjoying slices of this sweet and savory meat.

But no matter how delicious it is, we never eat a whole ham in one sitting. So what do we do? We make ham sandwiches with the leftovers, of course!

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After the party, we’ll make ham sandwiches for breakfast (and lunch…and dinner)!

And no one complains, because we serve sandwiches with different side dishes every day, so everyone comes back.

Today I’m sharing 15 savory side dishes that go perfectly with ham sandwiches. You don’t have to wait for the holidays.

Get ready for the most memorable and spectacular meal of the year!

1. Tomato soup

Soup and sandwiches always go well together. Grilled cheese has always been better with tomato soup. But there’s no harm in experimenting a little! How about a ham sandwich for a change?

The beauty of this duo is that you get a contrast of flavors – sweet, salty, spicy – that is sure to tantalize your taste buds!

Did you know you can make a great tomato soup with just three ingredients? Yes, just tomatoes, onions and oil, that’s all you need!

2. Potato soup

If you want something more filling than tomato soup, go for potato soup! Potatoes are starchy, so you’re getting something good when you serve potato soup with a ham sandwich.

And the taste? The creaminess of the milk, cheese and sour cream, the saltiness of the bacon and the richness of the potatoes make this soup so divine. Combined with a ham sandwich, this is a magical meal.

3. Mussel powder

Speaking of rich and savory, here’s another option for you: a delicious clam! This is the perfect helmet for cold weather.

Thanks to the delicious ingredients : Potatoes, mussels, bacon, milk and butter, this chowder is a comforting dish. And when you combine it with a ham sandwich, you get the perfect harmony of flavors and textures.

4. Potato salad

Do you have red potatoes, Dijon vinaigrette and dill on hand? If you do, make potato salad.

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This delicious summer side dish is a must for your ham sandwich! This salad is not only very easy to make, but is also very important for the taste.

If you think a potato and a sandwich are too heavy, think again! The dressing and dill make this salad lighter in flavor than most potato salads. You get a delicious dish that balances your meal perfectly.

5. Koleslow

If you like to combine something crunchy with a tender dish, coleslaw is for you. The cabbage and carrots provide the crunch needed to break up the monotony of the ham and bread!

Besides, it’s very good! In addition to the usual ingredients, I like to add raisins and nuts to my salad.

Do you think this combination is odd? Give it a try! I guarantee you’ll love it.

6. Potato crisps

Add a textural contrast to your delicate sandwich by pairing it with potato chips! They are crunchy, salty and add a fun dimension to the meal.

Have you ever tried putting chips in a sandwich? That’s what I love doing!

7. Hard-boiled eggs

If you’re reading this as Easter approaches, you probably already have a lot of hard-boiled eggs in the kitchen. Do you want them to be useful after the egg hunt? Make it devil’s balls!

Why not? These are delicious ham sandwiches, easy to make and taste great!

8. Egg salad

Here’s something else you can do with eggs: a mean egg salad. Oh, how I love these rich, creamy pastries! I especially like ham sandwiches. I even put it on the sandwich itself!

You can’t go wrong with a ham and egg salad sandwich. It’s the perfect combination of food, ladies and gentlemen!

9. Fresh fruit

If you want the ham sandwich to be the star of your dish, pair it with some sliced fruit and that’s it!

It may be a simple addition, but the meal will not be without flavor.

I love how the lightness and crunch of the fruit complements the richness of the ham sandwich. I prefer my own watermelon, as the sweetness and juiciness of each bite is divine.

Apples and cheese work well too! The crisp apple crust and salty cheese make it so fantastic that it becomes a ham sandwich.

10. Pasta salad

Creamy, spicy and savory: There’s nothing like a classic pasta salad.

This timeless salad has everything you could want in a side dish. With pasta, eggs, pickles, onions, peppers, mayonnaise and mustard, it has everything you need!

Serve the pasta salad with a ham sandwich and you have a delicious meal! It’s a hearty combination, so feel free to bring your appetite!

11. Cucumber (lateral)

Sometimes a simple ingredient is all it takes to make the meal complete. All you need to make a ham sandwich is a sweet and tangy pickle!

In addition to the flavor contrasts, the pickle also provides that delicious crunch you won’t find in a ham sandwich. A ham sandwich and a pickle make a modest but delicious meal.

12. Baked potato casserole

I like potatoes. Anything made with potatoes is heavenly to me. But this baked potato dish is in a class of its own.

Complete with cheddar, bacon and garlic, you can’t ask for a side dish of cream, cheese and slime!

And it’s incredibly easy to absorb! With good old-fashioned mashed potatoes, your baked potato dish will be ready in no time.

13. Potato scallop

Speaking of potatoes, here’s another idea for you: baked potatoes.

You know what I love about this pan? It tastes divine with absolutely every flavor, and the ham sandwich is no exception. How can you say no to potato slices stuffed with cheese and topped with an ultra-great sauce?

The preparation of baked potatoes does not require much effort. All you need is a mandolin and you’ll be slicing those potatoes in no time! All you have to do is top them with cheese and sauce and bake them to perfection.

14. Macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese is and always will be my favorite. I love it so much, I don’t even consider it a side dish, but a main course!

And of course, it goes well with a ham sandwich. The richness of the dish and the sweetness of the ham make one of the most amazing combinations.

Want to make macaroni and cheese even more delicious? Season with garlic powder and white pepper. You can thank me later.

15. Baked beans

The last item on our list is another comfort food that will take your ham sandwich to the next level. Baked beans are a phenomenal side dish that goes with everything, including ham sandwiches.

There’s nothing like savory beans seasoned with BBQ sauce, brown sugar, onions, jalapenos and bacon. Add ham to the equation and you have the perfect meal!

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What goes well with red beans and rice?


What goes well with rice and beans?

Other toppings you might consider: Guacamole, avocado, lettuce, chopped onions, fajita vegetables, chopped tomatoes, cilantro and hot sauce. Beans and rice are the perfect meal for a bowl!

What side dishes are there for beans?

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