What to Serve with Pizza: 20 Best Side Dishes

Turn a pizza party into a memorable meal with our top 20 side dishes. From cheese bread to macaroni salad, these side dishes are sure to please.

Pizza is always welcome at my house. There are so many delicious things in one bite that it’s impossible to eat just one! It’s meat, sauce, chili, cheese and it’s absolutely delicious.

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And while I can easily fill a pizza alone, it’s fun to combine it with a few complementary toppings. But what do you eat with a pizza besides salad and breadsticks?

Don’t worry about it. There are 20 appetizers, side dishes and desserts that go perfectly with pizza.

1. soup

Whatever your main course, soup is always a good appetizer. And what I love about the soup is that there are so many different options to suit your preferences.

For example, if you want something light as an appetizer, opt for a refreshing tomato soup. It provides the perfect contrast to your savory pizza.

If you want something thick and creamy, why not cream of mushroom soup? Mushroom soup has a delicious earthy, umami taste. It’s as irresistible as pizza!

If you want a contrast in temperature, choose a cold soup. Cold gazpacho with vegetables is another refreshing soup, perfect for starting a meal.

2. Ratatouille

Oh, here’s another refreshing soup for you! Ratatouille is a super delicious and hearty vegetable stew made with eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini, yellow squash and mascarpone cheese.

Imagine all these flavors in one fantastic dish! It’s so good.

It’s a rich, savory dish that pairs perfectly with a few pieces of pizza. Just make sure you have a hungry audience!

3. Italian Bruschetta Bar

Add another Italian element to your meal as an appetizer by serving antipasto. Just grab some cold cuts, cheese, crackers and dried fruit that you have on hand. Arrange them nicely on a tray and boom: a fantastic Italian bruschetta bar.

4. Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad is my pizza. It’s great, it makes me feel less guilty about eating slices of pizza.

And I love the crunchy contrast it adds to the pizza. They may have the same flavors (creamy, salty, and cheesy), but at least it balances out the texture of your pizza.

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5. Spinach and Artichoke Dip

If you don’t like cheese, how about a spinach and artichoke dip? You can use it to dip breadsticks in, but I personally like to spread it on my pizza for the umami taste!

To prepare it, simply mix the fresh cheese, mayonnaise, basil, garlic, spinach, parmesan, mozzarella and artichoke hearts. It’s a simple, foolproof recipe that always makes the creamiest, cheesiest sauce.

6. Potato salad

When you’re feeding a large crowd, you need something incredibly nutritious. Classic potato salad!

It’s creamy, cheesy and so hearty. Nobody can say no to that. Here’s how:

Boil the small red potatoes until tender. For the dressing, mix the sour cream, mayonnaise, chopped red onion, fresh dill and garlic salt. Roast the potatoes and watch your delicious side dish disappear!

7. Bread with garlic cheese

This is the downside of serving or eating when you are very hungry. Bread on the table? It shouldn’t make sense, but it does!

And of course you can order garlic cheese bread with your pizza, what’s the fun in that?

Make it yourself, saute the garlic cloves in olive oil. Knead the garlic until you have a spreadable paste.

Spread the dough on your favorite bread and top with grated cheese. Bake the bread until the cheese melts and it’s ready to go.

8. Koleslow

Let’s take a break from all those carbs, shall we? Another crunchy and refreshing side dish, how about a creamy coleslaw?

The crunch of the kale and carrots gives the pizza a nice textural contrast. Plus, it’s crunchy and refreshing. The perfect contrast to your hot and spicy pizza.

If you want to make your salad a little less guilty, use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise for the dressing. The vinaigrette works well too!

If you make your own coleslaw, be sure to refrigerate it for several hours before serving. That way, the vegetables absorb the flavors of the sauce, making it even tastier.

9. Mozzarella Sticks

If, like me, you love cheese, then mozzarella is for you. It’s crunchy, cheesy, and oh-so delicious.

In short, it meets all the requirements! Dip it in marinara sauce and it looks like a pizza stick!

10. Fried vegetables

Roasted vegetables are the perfect balance for all the carbs you’ll be eating. Not only are they healthy, but they are also crunchy and delicious! Just because you serve vegetables doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good.

Whether it’s roasted carrots, potatoes, onions, cauliflower, asparagus or Brussels sprouts, you can’t go wrong.

It’s also easy to cook! Brush the vegetables with olive oil and season with salt, pepper and herbs of your choice. Put them in the oven and you have an easy, nutritious and delicious side dish.

11. French fries

Want fries with your pizza, but without all the calories? I have the answer: Zucchini fries.

Sure, they don’t taste like fries, but they’re just as good! And since they’re baked, they don’t need to be baked. This means you don’t have to stand in front of the fryer for several minutes to prepare something.

All the good without the fat and the trouble!

12. Jalapeño Poppers

Add a tasty kick to your meal by serving jalapeño poppers. Not only are they delicious, but they are cheesy and crunchy. Fantastic with pizza!

Don’t worry, jalapenos are not as spicy as you think. The peppers lose some of their heat when cooked, which gives just the right amount of heat.

13. Onion rings

Onion rings are so delicious that even people who don’t like onions can’t refuse them!

Onion rings have that delicious combination of sweet, salty and crunchy that makes them so exciting. It’s the perfect snack to go with pizza!

14. Pasta salad

The pasta salad is not only savory and delicious, but also very pretty. The combination of bright vegetables and colorful noodles makes this a delicious addition to your plate.

15. Chicken wings with blue cheese sauce

You always eat pizza with your hands, so you can serve it with wings! Buffalo chicken wings are gross, but they’re worth it.

Whether baked or fried, the wings will be incredibly delicious on the outside and crispy and juicy on the inside. Dip these guys in a creamy blue cheese sauce and you’ll have a feast in your mouth.

16. Meatballs

Not that you need more protein in your meal, but meatballs go so well with pizza. They are meaty, tasty and so delicious!

Whether you eat them as a side dish or on your pizza, meatballs never disappoint.

17. Tiramisu

How about a piece of creamy tiramisu for dessert?

Did you know that the word tiramisu means pick me upin Italian? So this dessert is sure to cheer you up!

And it’s so elegant. These layers of ladyfingers dipped in espresso, mascarpone and cream, and generously sprinkled with cocoa powder are a classic beauty.

18. Sorbet

Whether it’s a dessert or a flavor enhancer, a classic sorbet is never going to spoil. It’s light, refreshing, sweet and a wonderful way to end a heavy meal.

And whatever flavor you choose – chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, mango, lemon – it always works, no matter what!

19. Cannoli

Finish off dinner with this delicious Italian treat. It may not be the same shape, but if you think about it, cannoli is like a sweet version of pizza. So why not?

Cannoli is a cylindrical, deep-fried pastry filled with cheese, nuts and chocolate. It’s crunchy, sweet and creamy and goes well with pizza.

20. Fruit

Finally, we have a very simple treat that is perfect to complement your meal. Since you’ve already served something savory, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of delicious fruit for dessert.

So how about bananas, berries and pineapple slices? Not only are they refreshing, but they also contain enzymes that aid digestion!

If fruit is too primitive for you, why not use it as a topping on ice cream for a tastier dessert?