What To Serve With Pinto Beans (12 Tasty Ideas)


Pinto beans are the most popular beans in America and for good reason! They are delicious, versatile and full of protein.

Although this humble bean is most often used in Mexican cuisine, it has also made its way onto the tables of lovers of southern comfort food.

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Whether you serve pinto beans as a side dish or consider incorporating them into a meal, I have 12 delicious ideas that will make your dish unforgettable!

1. Corn bread

If you want a delicious, hearty meal, this southern classic is for you.


My perfect corn bread is perfectly moist, slightly sweet, and with real corn kernels! Serve the pinto beans as a side dish.

I even like to sprinkle a little cheese on it. Who said cornbread was easy? It’s certainly not in my book!


2. Ham

When I serve brown beans and ham, I like to do it in a slow cooker. It can be a heavy, hearty meal, but it’s surprisingly easy to make.

Just put all the ingredients in the slow-cooker: chopped ham, pinto beans (no need to soak them first!), bay leaf, garlic, onion and a little thyme.

You will have to be a little patient as the ham and beans take about 8 hours to prepare, but trust me, it’s worth the wait!

3. Meatloaf

I love meatloaf, especially when it’s done right…. the southern way! Serve it with pinto beans and it will surely become one of your favorite dishes.

Most recipes just use ketchup, but I like to add worcestershire sauce to enhance the flavor.

Once the meatloaf is freshly baked, slice it and add the pinto beans. It’s just lovely!


4. Roast chicken

Roast chicken is a classic dish that everyone loves. Ask the children!

Tender and juicy inside, perfectly crispy outside, served with pinto beans? Yes, please.

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5. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes and pinto beans are pretty simple dishes, and they go really well together when done right!

For this combination, I like to cook my pinto beans on the stove so they keep their shape and don’t get too mushy.

I add mashed potatoes, cheese and corn, and a good amount of breadcrumbs.

6. Macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese? Yes, please. I want mine extra cheesy and extra sticky with sharp cheddar, gruyere, mozzarella and parmesan.

Most recipes call for a layer of breadcrumbs on top, but I like to add bacon as well. You can’t go wrong with this comforting dish!

7. Fried okra

All food is better when it’s fried, that’s a fact! Okra may not be most people’s favorite vegetarian, but it’s certainly no exception.


Cut the okra into pieces, brush with batter and fry.

They’ll be so delicious and crunchy you’ll need a few extra pieces, especially if you add them to the sauce!


8. Baked apples

I don’t know about you, but I’m always up for a sweet and salty combination.

Baked apples may not be the first thing you think of when serving pinto beans, but trust me, they’re worth a try!

If you’ve never made baked apples before, this is very easy! Slice them and put them in a pan with butter, sugar and cinnamon.

In just 15 minutes you can have a delicious meal!


9. Pendulum Green

Turnips are very rich in potassium and vitamin C, so they are healthy and delicious! Southern kohlrabi takes about 30 minutes to cook.

You’ll need chicken broth, olive oil, salt, pepper and, of course, turnip greens. I like to add a little sugar to give it a touch of southern sweetness!


If you don’t feel like using kohlrabi, you can also replace it with collard greens.

10. Sweet tea

What could be better than a classic southern dish with a classic southern drink?


There are many brands of sweet tea you can buy in stores, but I prefer to make my own at home.

The traditional version of this refreshing drink is actually black tea with added sugar and mint.

Add lots of ice and you have a cool, sweet drink to go with your beans!


11. Quesadilla

If you want to make a Mexican dish with pinto beans, quesadillas are the way to go!

They are usually made with cheese, beef, chicken or even shrimp, but why not make a vegetarian version with brown beans?

Don’t forget the salsa and sour cream! If you don’t want to go the vegan route, just add other ingredients.


12. What’s for dessert?

You need dessert for this delicious comfort food! My favorite thing about any southern dish is peach pie.

I love my homework, especially in the summer when it’s peach season. This sweet and salty dessert is a great way to end the meal.

And if the beans weren’t enough, you can also try buttermilk pie, banana pudding, or even something more sinful like mud pie!



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