25 Pasta Side Dishes for the Perfect Dinner


Are you feeling arrogant? Great, because today is all about the pasta.

Pasta is never boring. Pasta, for example, comes in many shapes and varieties. Long, short, thin, thick, straight, curly – anything is possible.

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And the sauces? Oh, my God. All tastes and colors are different…. Bellissima!

This makes pasta the perfect side dish. No matter who comes, there will always be at least one perfect dough.

I’ve put together 25 pasta side dishes to balance out your meals. From tortellini to angel hair, carbonara to marinara, these dishes are sure to please!

Are you drooling already? So do I. Let’s go, huh?

1. Creamy garlic peel

These delicious garlic scallops are the epitome of all things rich and creamy!


Enhanced with fresh garlic, this pasta recipe couldn’t be more delicious. Easy does it, the boat!

It’s the perfect side dish for a busy weekend, made with the simplest graveyard ingredients in just 15 minutes.

2. Macaroni and cheese

Looking for the perfect macaroni and cheese? This is the only recipe you need.

Everyone has their own recipe for making macaroni and cheese. If you think you’ve ever had the best mac and cheese, I highly recommend trying this.

This recipe is a copy of Panera Bread’s famous mac and cheese, but it’s much thicker and creamier. If you use sharp white cheddar, it will take over!


There are no words to explain how ridiculously awesome this dish is.

Serve this dish with sloppy joes for a delicious meal. It’s so good it changes your life!

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3. Garlic and Parmesan Pasta

Garlic and Parmesan pasta is similar to classic Alfredo pasta, but better.

Because there is no heavy cream or cream cheese involved, it contains significantly fewer calories. Don’t worry, there’s no flavor to it at all.


The addition of garlic makes it a hundred times better!

There is something special about the combination of garlic and parmesan. The cheeky smells are phenomenal!

And the best part is that it’s all done in one sitting! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

4. Cheese Taco Pasta

This is not a pasta like the others. It’s a taco noodle. You want me to say more?

With this recipe, you get all the benefits of tacos and spaghetti at the same time. What good mashed potatoes!

Sure, it’s not as crispy as a taco, but the rich melted cheese and sweet and spicy salsa more than make up for that.

5. Pasta Primavera

Healthy food alert! Primavera pasta, filled with fresh, colorful vegetables, is the best side dish of the summer. And yes, it’s good for you.

You don’t have to feel guilty about eating this dish.

This dish is also easy to set up. Since he doesn’t have a vegetarian preference, you can add whatever vegetables you like.

Just put everything you have in the fridge and call it a day.

Combine it with fish or meat for the most savory and delicious meal.

6. Marinara with 5 cheeses

Guys, there are five different cheeses in this marinara. FIVE. If that doesn’t satisfy your cheese addiction, I don’t know what will.

Mozzarella, fontina, ricotta, parmesan and asiago in pasta is just amazing.

7. Pasta carbonara

Carbonara is such a simple sauce. Does it taste good? Umami Peak. It’s so delicious, I could eat it all day!

The best part is that you only need 4 basic products for this recipe. Bacon, eggs, cheese and macaroni is all you need.

Good tip: Invest in really good bacon for this dish. Try the guanciale, a salty, greasy and ultra delicious bacon. It’s a little more expensive, but I promise it’s worth it.

I can’t reach you, it’s okay. You can always use pancetta or thick bacon.


8. Tortellini pasta

Looking for a quick and easy pasta for a romantic dinner? Look no further, these pasta tortellini are all you need.

Prepared in just 20 minutes, this carbonara is the easiest to make. Serve with bread, salad and red wine for a perfect date.

9. Italian Pasta Salad

Italian pasta salad may be high in carbs, but it’s very good for you.

Rotini meets fresh vegetables in this amazing dish. Filled with peppers, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, this pasta has an exceptional taste and texture.


And so many colors! And stuffed with salami, olives and cheese, it’s one of the most satisfying side dishes. It’s a recognized favorite of the pot.

A perfect accompaniment to barbecues and other grilled meats.

10. Pasta with white cream sauce

I’m warning you: This pasta with white sauce is very creamy and addictive.

I have nothing but love for white sauce. Cream, cheese, herbs, taste!

In this recipe, we take the classic sauce to another level by adding garlic. Oh, my God, this is heaven.

Combine this dish with tender, crispy chicken for a tasty meal.

11. Pesto paste

Are you thirsty for pesto? This recipe is the best!


Pesto may be one of the simplest pasta sauces in the world, but it’s also one of the tastiest. One bite of this dish will instantly comfort you.

12. Shrimp paste

This pasta recipe is so delicious. First of all, it has shrimp in it. That alone will tell you how incredible this dish is.

The sauce is then prepared with oil, lemon and garlic. The combination of these 3 ingredients is worth its weight in gold!

In the end, the recipe is done in one sitting and only takes 30 minutes. A win-win situation!

13. Pasta with parmesan or similar

Do you have 15 minutes? Try this pasta with parmesan or orzo paste for a simple but unique side dish.

Orzo is a risotto/risotto-like pasta that is very easy to use. It cooks in less than 9 minutes! Adding flavourings is also child’s play.


All you need is olive oil, garlic powder, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper!

You could add some red pepper flakes to give it a little spice, but I think it’s perfect as is.

14. Angel hair pasta

Pasta soaked in olive oil, butter, cheese and herbs? This side dish is fantastic!

I’m a big fan of angel hair pasta. I can’t get enough of these subtle and delicious noodles. It cooks so quickly too, perfect for busy evenings.

Full of earthy and garlicky flavors, this angel hair pasta is the perfect accompaniment to meat dishes.

Whether it’s chicken, beef or pork, you can’t go wrong. It’s even perfect with vegetables!


15. Macaroni salad BLT

Bacon, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing in noodles. Wow. I must have done something right to deserve you!

These pastas have the perfect combination of texture and flavor. Smoked bacon, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes and al dente rotini: This is what I call a match made in heaven.

And if that wasn’t enough, this dish is also served with a rich and decadent ranch dressing. It’s legendary!

16. Baked Ziti

The following is a beloved American classic. The penne stuffed with tomato sauce, sausage and cheese, baked ziti easily gets 12 out of 10 points from me.

This recipe also uses many herbs – basil, rosemary, sage, thyme, parsley. The earthy flavor in this one is really strong!

If you think about it, baked ziti is very similar to lasagna, except it’s much, much easier to make. Easy enough to add to your weekly meal rotation!

17. Farfalle with spinach, mushrooms and caramelised onions

Greens: Look at this. Mushrooms: Checked. Caramelized onions: controlled. Pasta al dente: verified. This dish is pasta with vegetables!

Ultra creamy, buttery and aromatic. You can’t ask for more from this dough. Moreover, the small noodles make this dish even more appetizing.

This is so beautiful, it’s worth seeing on Instagram!

Sure, it’s all vegetables, but it’s so ridiculous that you don’t even miss the meat.

However, if you want a really hearty meal, serve this dish with baked scallops or fried chicken. Delicious.

18. Mushroom paste with garlic oil

Mushrooms meet garlic and butter in this incredibly delicious and simple dish.

I have so much love for mushrooms. They are fleshy, tender and full of flavour.

Since they already have a unique flavor, it doesn’t take much to make them even more spectacular.

For this dish, just sauté the mushrooms in butter and garlic and the sauce is ready!

You can use porcini mushrooms for this recipe, but portobello would make it even tastier.

19. Bacon Ranch Salad with Noodles

It’s just impossible to resist this Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad! It’s bacon and ranch dressing in a bowl!

It’s not the healthiest pasta salad, but adding tomatoes and olives makes you feel less guilty.

20. Fettuchin Alfredo

Flat al dente pasta topped with a tangy, creamy white sauce with cheese? Fettuccine alfredo is the definition of comfort food.

You won’t believe how easy this dish is to make! Dinner is ready in just 20 minutes.


Finish this dish with garlic bread and a salad for a delicious meal.

21. Pasta salad

Macaroni salad. Ah… How I love this classic.

I have a serious obsession with macaroni salad, and I’m not afraid to say so. It’s incredibly colorful and creamy, so can you blame me?

I am so addicted that I can eat a pasta salad by myself, all day, every day. But also perfect for grilling and baking!

Good tip: Make this salad ahead of time and refrigerate at least overnight. This gives the scents enough time to blend.

The wait will be hard, but it will be worth it.

22. Creamy Beef and Scallops

Minced beef, creamy sauce and sticky cheddar seasoned with perfectly cooked pasta shells. This pasta is a dream come true!

The creamy beef with clams is one of those dishes that tastes so good it’s probably better than the entree.

Don’t be surprised if you end up eating more than the main course.

The best part? This delicious dish can be prepared in just 40 minutes!

23. lobster macaroni and cheese

What’s better than mac and cheese? Macaroni and cheese stuffed lobster.

I can’t even begin to describe how delicious this dish is. Loaded with not one, but two cheeses, it is both sinful and heavenly.

And then there’s the sweet, meaty and juicy lobster. It’s like taking something perfect and turning it into an even more brilliant masterpiece.

24. Orzo with mushrooms, spring onions and parmesan

This 30-minute recipe is everything you want in a side dish and more.

Full of mushrooms and topped with a creamy sauce, this orzo is so delicious. This cheese and herb dish is the definition of pasta perfection!

Another positive point is the ease with which it can be done. You don’t have to be a pasta pro to make this recipe.

25. Chili Mac

In this latest article, we combine two of America’s favorite dishes: Chili and mac and cheese. You get the best of both worlds in this super simple recipe!

Filled with cheese, macaroni and beans, this chili mac is heavenly on a plate. It’s so incredibly delicious, there’s no problem this dish can’t solve.

A cherry on top? It only takes 30 minutes!





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