Mussels Side Dish & Serving Ideas

Mussels are an easy and delicious meal. The resulting broth can be flavoured in many ways. The spicy broth might be the best. A piece of crusty bread or garlic bread is perfect for soaking up every drop. Serve it over pasta or rice and the broth turns into a tasty sauce.

All you need to make a tasty pot of mussels is a large pan with a high rim and some seasoning. The flavor combinations are limited only by your personal taste.

Mussels served with …

Something with vegetables

Frisians and saloons

Potato and leek soup

Tomato salad

pickled mushrooms

Jicama salad

Leek stew

Shrimps and tomatoes

Fennel salad

Something containing starch

crusty bread

Garlic bread


Baked potatoes

overcooked toast

roasted chopsticks


Giant beans

Rice with saffron

Macaroni with squid

Some sauce

White wine sauce

Chili sauce

Horseradish cream



frequently asked questions

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