11 Best Side Dishes for Kabobs

Looking for some simple and delicious side-dishes to go with your kabobs? Read on for our top suggestions.

Kabobs are so simple and versatile, so you should always be able to find good side dishes to serve with them.

Here are 11 of the most perfect side dishes to go with kabobs/kebabs.

1. Coconut rice

Grill some Hawaiian-style chicken and pineapple skewers and make a big pot of coconut rice to add to the tropical flavors. It’s perfect for a picnic, a backyard barbecue, or just on a cold day when you want to pretend you’re on vacation at the beach.

Cook the rice in coconut milk instead of water, add a pinch of brown sugar at the end and you have the perfect side dish for your tropical kebab.

2. Cucumber Yogurt Dip

Think a Mediterranean theme, with pork skewers (or even falafel balls), and add a light cucumber and yogurt sauce. It adds a fresh touch to grilled dishes and also offers healthy probiotics.

You can dip grilled meat and vegetables into the yogurt mixture or eat it as a fine, fresh salad with a side dish. Yummy!

3. Maize on the cob

Freshly grilled corn on the cob, dipped in butter and generously sprinkled with salt and pepper? Who else wants some?

Corn on the cob is a classic side dish to any meal where the grill is on. Whether it’s steak and potato skewers, cherry tomatoes and peppers on a skewer, or even juicy shrimp on the grill, cornbread goes with everything.

4. Green salad

For a meat and kebab meal, choose a high-energy green salad. Grab some romaine lettuce (or your favorite leafy vegetable), tomatoes, and add a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar to arrange the lighting on the roast.

You can also opt for a classic Cobb with hard-boiled eggs for more protein and nutrients.

5. Potato salad

Another type of salad that goes well with grilled kebabs is a fortifying potato salad. Keep it simple with baked potatoes, ranch dressing, onions and celery for a quick and easy creamy side dish.

Or make a whole potato salad before turning on the grill. The use of mustard, mayonnaise, hard-boiled eggs and relish make this a delicious and tasty side dish.

6. Corn pudding

Creamy corn dish like never before. Corn pudding is essentially a mixture of cornbread and cornmeal. It provides a nice textural contrast to your crisp vegetables and tender meats, as well as a much-needed touch of sweetness to all savory flavors.

This pudding-like side dish is perfect for holiday parties or take-out, and it’s so easy you can make it even on busy nights.

7. Sweet potatoes

Baked, boiled or roasted sweet potatoes are so versatile that you can eat them with just about anything. With a little meat and vegetables on a skewer, you can use a little starch for variety.

I like to cook sweet potato wedges as a substitute for fries or mix them with bacon, spinach and caramelized onions for a twice cooked sweet potato.

But whatever your favorite sweet potato recipe is, it’s sure to be delicious with skewers.

8. Cucumber and tomato salad

Enrich your taste buds with a tangy cucumber and tomato salad. This salad, without leafy vegetables, consists of sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, chopped red onions and a spicy dressing.

This spicy salad goes so well with marinated meat or fish that you can easily customize it with delicious variations. You can add other ingredients like grated feta, mozzarella balls, avocado pieces or grated fennel to make this dish even more interesting and nutritious.

9. Orzo

Eat carbs with a big serving of orzo. I like to make parmesan orzo with cream and this type of cheese. It also goes well with chicken, beef, pork or even tofu.

Orzo is also easier and faster than rice. Cook, add butter, cream, cheese and other seasonings to taste and kit.

10. Rice pilaf with lemon

Aromatic white rice cooked in a rich onion soup with lots of lemon juice. Pilaf is a delicious accompaniment to grilled salmon, chicken or shrimp. You can do it simply or improvise with shallots, herbs or pistachios. But whatever ingredients you use, rice pilaf will quickly become your new favorite recipe.

11. Pasta salad

A summer favorite, pasta salad is a great way to get some freshness alongside your steamed skewers. Pasta salads are easy and offer a variety of vegetables and flavors you won’t get with your kebab.

Keep it light with olives and Italian dressing, or opt for a heartier version with sausage and cheese. And don’t forget the choice of pasta! I like to use spiral rot for a nice shape and a semi-good texture.