What To Serve With Gumbo: 10 Tasty Side Dishes


Gumbo is a classic Louisiana meal. In fact, eating gumbo is like getting a taste of New Orleans in a bowl.

This Creole dish is full of meat, vegetables and lots of powerful flavors.  Most recipes include a combination of onions, peppers, celery, okra, shrimp, sausage and chicken. And of course, lots of seasoning to get that famous Cajun flavor!

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If you’re wondering what side dishes go with this delicious soup, we can help. Traditionally, gumbo is often served with steamed white rice. This is a great combination. But don’t let that stop you from exploring other options!

Here are 10 incredible side dishes that will turn a delicious bowl of gumbo into an unforgettable meal.


1. Figure

This is probably the most traditional dish served with gumbo, and for good reason. There’s nothing like the mild, savory starch of a thick, hearty stew that is gumbo. Imagine this thick, spicy sauce covering every grain of steamed rice. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.


But what kind of rice is best for gumbo? Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer here. Let your taste buds express themselves!

If you want to go the traditional route, choose white or brown long grain rice. Some people prefer basmati rice, wild rice and arborio rice, especially if you have okra in your gumbo.

Others enjoy a side dish of Dirty Rice – white rice mixed with bacon, bell pepper, celery and onions and seasoned with cayenne pepper and black pepper.


2. Corn bread

Like gumbo, cornbread is a staple of southern cuisine. This sweet, crumbly dough is a wonderful contrast to the richness of the gumbo. It also serves as a sponge to soak up all the decadent soup!


3. Puppies of silence

These deep fried dumplings are soft, sweet, chewy and go very well with gumbo. Like cornbread, the sweetness balances out the salty flavors of the gumbo.

Want to spice up those pretty balls? Give it a subtle touch of spice by adding chili.


4. Cheese bread

We’ve already established that bread tastes good with gumbo. But you know what else you can do? Cheese, and lots of cheese. Imagine dipping that cheesy, buttery, soft bread into a bowl of hot gumbo! Perfection.


5. Potato salad

As a side dish, potatoes are always a good idea. With gumbo, my option is almost always potato salad. This creamy, savory dish is a nice contrast to your gumbo. Some even put a spoon in the stew!


Coleslaw is another creamy, refreshing side dish that contrasts nicely with the spicy gumbo soup.

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Plus, it’s very easy to make. Preparation: Combine 1 medium cabbage (chopped), 1 carrot (chopped), 1/4 onion (chopped), 1/4 cup vegetable oil, 1/4 cup vinegar and 3 tablespoons white sugar.


Leave to cool in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. You will never go back to a ready-made coleslaw again! But of course, if you need a shortcut, you can always buy packaged coleslaw. Then just a bow tie and a bracelet and you’re done.


6. Okra

Okra is another southern classic that goes with just about everything. And if you’re a real southerner, you smear them with batter and deep-fry them. These little fried poppers from the paint house are a sight to behold.


7. Maize on the cob

Corn on the cob is sweet, juicy and incredibly easy to prepare. Cook these guys and they are ready to be used.

Or, if you have some time, roast it for a few minutes to give it a nice, smoky flavor. Whip it up with a generous amount of butter and sprinkle with Cajun seasoning for maximum flavor.


8. Fresh lettuce

The simple green salad is a refreshing contrast to the gumbo soup. You can dress it up with whatever you want: Tomatoes, bacon, grated cheese, celery, avocado and dressing of choice.

You can also make an Italian salad with iceberg lettuce, boscoli, artichoke hearts, tomatoes and garnish with a little red wine vinegar and olive oil.

Don’t forget to serve crunchy French bread with it. Yummy!


9. Desserts

If you’re as much of a sweet tooth as I am, you can’t finish a meal without dessert. Bread pudding is a great treat to complete your Cajun party. It has wonderful southern flavors and textures that are best enjoyed after a hearty meal of gumbo.

Some say hippos look like Hush Puppies, which is why they fit in so well with the Gumbo! These simple, cozy squares are absolutely adorable and delicious. Dip them in a bowl of honey, syrup or a cup of hot coffee and they will taste divine.


Another classic Southern dessert is sweet potato pie. Light and sweet, perfect for a hearty meal.

Lemon cake is also a good option. It has a nice citrus flavor that works as a great palate cleanser.


10. Beverages

In addition to the side dishes, the drinks also contribute to the success of your dish. So don’t just serve your guests water or soft drinks – give them a boost and pour a nice bottle of wine in gumbos!

If you are making a spicy gumbo, a sweet red or white wine is a good choice. However, if it’s a rich gumbo, a bottle of dry white wine is required. For seafood gumbo, a bottle of Pinot Gris or Sauvignon Blanc is best.


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frequently asked questions

Which vegetable goes with the gumbo?

Ideas for side dish: Here are some dishes I recommend for accompanying the gumbo: Delicious green salad: For example, my daily salad. Corn on the cob: I still have a tradition of serving this with gumbo! Bread: Corn bread, baguettes, or any good bread with a crust.

What are gumbo and jambalaya?


What kind of rice goes with gumbo?

Any long grain rice will do, including basmati rice. Jasmine rice is too sticky for jambalaya, but works well in gumbo if you don’t overcook it (the rice grains should be fully cooked and firm, but not mushy). Long-grain rice varieties are simply more forgiving in this regard.

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