Duck serving and side dish ideas

Duck is an often overlooked alternative to chicken for dinner. Roasting a whole duck for Thanksgiving or Christmas is a rich, meaty alternative to the classic turkey. You will also get a delicious duck fat that you can use to cook with in the future. One of the most important steps in cooking duck is to core the skin and make sure you cook it long enough to get it fat and crispy.

Deciding what to serve with it can be harder than cooking, because there are so many options. You can start with potatoes roasted in duck fat or other root vegetables like red beet. Mashed potatoes are, of course, always a classic and go well with a variety of vegetables. Mushroom risotto is an earthy alternative. For a more casual meal, try cornbread with bluegrass salad.

Serve duck with …

Something with vegetables

roasted root vegetables


caramelized onions

Butternut squash

Pumpkin Roast

Pumpkin puree


roasted pumpkin

Green bean casserole


rich turnip greens

roasted chard

cabbage and apple stew

Roasted beets in duck fat

roasted asparagus


Parsnip puree

stuffed artichokes

Fried onions

roasted carrots

stewed red cabbage

roasted broccoli dress

Roasted Brussels sprouts and pancetta

Leek stew

braised cabbage and bacon

Cauliflower puree

fruity vertical

roasted cauliflower

roasted fennel

steamed fennel


Celery puree

delicious spinach

Spinach cream

pea puree

Something containing starch

Baked potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Duck potatoes

Soap powder

Risotto with mushrooms

roasted sweet potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Garlic puree

Wild rice

Cheddar and beetroot biscuits

Dauphinus potatoes


Herb topping

Bread balls

Corn sauce

baked sweet potatoes

Spanish rice

Rice with saffron


Potatoes Anna

waffle potato

Rice Pilaf



Potato Stain

black peas


Wild rice with mushrooms

Simple salads

Frisee salad

Warm beetroot salad

Tomato salad

Carrot salad

Chicory salad

Rocket salad

Waldorf Salad

Grass Stalk Salad

Leaf salads with mustard dressing


Some sauce

Sage and brown butter sauce

Cherry ice cream

Removal of embalming

Raspberry with orange sauce

Alignment of cherries

Raspberry sauce

Something fruity

roasted grapes

Pear and cranberry chutney

Plum Chutney

Balsamic cherry


roasted plums

roasted pears

roasted peaches

frequently asked questions

Which side dishes go well with duck?

what you serve… с…

What is a good side dish for duck breast?


What type of appetizer is served with duck?

I love arugula with persimmons, chopped shallots and toasted walnuts in a pomegranate sauce. Salad. I love arugula with persimmons, chopped shallots and toasted walnuts in a pomegranate sauce.

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