Best Side Dishes for Cod Fish: 12 Classic Pairings


Turn your cod into a memorable dish with these 12 delicious side dishes.

There’s nothing better than biting into a rich, flaky, buttery cod fillet. Especially if you combine it with classic side dishes like coleslaw, fries, hush puppies or macaroni and cheese.

Also delicious on a bun with tartar sauce, coleslaw and American cheese. The whole thing is nestled between two soft, fluffy buns. Yummy!

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Cod is usually wrapped in batter and deep fried, so pair it with something refreshing. That’s why coleslaw is such a popular side dish.

As for the texture, you want something crunchy or creamy to contrast with the tenderness of the cod. When combining dishes, the harmony of flavors and textures can make all the difference.


If you’re wondering what to serve for your next seafood party, we have just what you need! From classics like hush puppies and coleslaw to more adventurous side dishes like lemon rice and fried okra, these specially selected side dishes are sure to impress.

1. Koleslow

Because something rich needs something refreshing. There’s nothing like crunchy kale and carrots in a tasty sauce to spice up a meal!


The combination of hot and cold, crispy and tender, savory and spicy is all I can say – oh, my cod!

2. Zucchini fritters

If you have a lot of zucchini in your fridge, here’s an idea: Fry them in the pan! Zucchini fritters are a delicious and healthy accompaniment to roasted cod.

They are so delicious that the kids don’t even realize they are eating vegetables.

Zucchini fritters are also easy to make. What more do you want?

Preparation: Mix the zucchini pieces, flour, egg, garlic, salt and pepper until smooth. Put a tablespoon of zucchini in a hot pan with olive oil and fry for 2 minutes on each side.

3. French fries

Nothing like a classic. And I don’t think there’s anything more classic than a good fish and chips. But if you’re watching your weight, you may need an alternative.

While you can’t beat the taste of fried potato slices, baked potato wedges are an excellent alternative. On this side, you still get the crunch of classic fries, but without all the fat.

You can also use a hot air fryer to cook some of your favorite dishes – without the extra calories. You can even add your favorite spices to make it even more delicious!

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4. Puppies of silence

I love southern food, so I always try to include southern food in my diet. Hushpuppies are one of my favorite dishes because they are addictive, go with almost anything, and are incredibly easy to make.

Hashpuccas are fried corn noodles, and even though it is a very simple dish, it is always appreciated. Best of all: These golden beauties are the perfect accompaniment to cod.

5. Lemon rice

Baked cod is the wrong kind of stuffing, and unless you’re serving a lot of it, pair it with a hearty, starchy dish. And what’s better than rice?

Steamed rice is too bland for fried cod, so you need to spice it up with something tasty. Add lemon rice for a refreshing and delicious side dish that perfectly complements the rich, flaky cod.

With a little lemon, it takes your rice to a whole new level of quality. And whether you use jasmine, basmati or white rice, it goes well with cod.

6. Asparagus

If you find the baked cod too rich, you want something sweet and refreshing to balance out the umami softness of the dish. Asparagus is easy to eat.

If you’re not a fan of the slight bitterness of the vegetables, roast them in the oven! This cooking method removes the bitterness and brings out the salty, savory flavor. Fantastic.

If you don’t feel like roasting, you can also make an asparagus salad!

Make a simple salad: Mix the arugula, cleaned edamame and grated asparagus in a bowl. Top with cilantro vinaigrette and garnish with Parmesan cheese and toasted breadcrumbs.


7. Fried okra

If you think okra is slimy and gross, you probably haven’t tried this dish yet. And you should, especially if you’re serving cod. Fried okra is a southern classic that tastes great and goes well with fried cod.


Moreover, this dish is very easy to prepare. Simply dip the okra into the corn batter and bake until golden brown.

If you’re looking for a seafood dish, combine cod, coleslaw and fried okra for a dinner you’re sure to enjoy.


8. Macaroni and cheese

Fried foods are better with cheese, so it makes sense to pair fried cod with macaroni with cheese. It also adds a creamy element that goes perfectly with your seafood meal.


9. Cheese crumbs

Here’s another thing you can do with cornmeal: Make cheese grits! Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with cheese.

The cheese grits have a creamy taste and delicious texture that goes perfectly with roasted cod. Together they form a beautiful harmony that will delight your taste buds.


10. Corn bread

Corn is such a sweet and refreshing grain and vegetable that I like to serve it with roasted dishes to break up the richness.

That’s why cornbread goes well with baked cod. Their flavor profiles and textures are delightfully confusing. Tender, tasty fish and crusty, sweet bread? I say yes, very yes!


11. Risotto

Give your simple baked cod a luxurious look by serving it with an elegant risotto! The risotto has a nutty, creamy, cheesy flavor and enhances the mild taste of the cod.

And don’t worry, contrary to popular belief, risotto doesn’t require much effort. It’s easier than it looks. But above all, make sure you stand out!


12. Ratatouille

Ratatouille may sound fancy, but if a rat can make it, so can you! This vegetable stew is made with simple vegetables from the pantry – eggplant, tomatoes, onions, zucchini and garlic – so it can be made at any time.

It not only refreshes the palate, but is also a healthy addition to cod. So go ahead, try it and make Remy proud!


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frequently asked questions

What is a good topping for cod?

The best dishes for cod…

What is the best vegetable to go with fish?

It is delicious to combine this fish with grilled or steamed vegetables. You can season vegetables like peppers, carrots and zucchini with a little oil and light seasoning.

What are the most common Italian side dishes?

Of course, a caprese salad wouldn’t be complete without the popular combination of tomatoes, burrata, basil and olive oil, which is just as delicious due to its ubiquity.

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