What to Serve with Clam Chowder

I wonder what to serve with a chicken pie? From corn to salad to potatoes, there are so many dishes that go well with this comfort food.

Chicken Pot Pie is a classic recipe with rich flavors. From the flaky crust to the meaty, creamy, cheesy filling, this dish is irresistibly delicious from start to finish.

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And because it contains all the necessary elements – carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, fats – it can easily be served as a complete meal on its own.

But then again, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to put more food on the table.

What to serve with chicken pot pie

If you have a lot of guests, you can combine the chicken dish with other side dishes to make the meal complete.

Remember, the chicken should be treated like a star.

When choosing side dishes for this delicious pâté, look for mild flavors that won’t overpower the main course.

Without further ado, here are 15 southern side dishes you can serve with chicken pot pie.

1. Crudite

Let’s start dinner with a clean, crunchy snack. The chicken pie is very rich, so a light plate of crispy crudités is perfect to break up the spicy flavor.

Chop some carrots, celery, cucumbers, broccoli and cauliflower, arrange them in a nice bowl and add a yogurt sauce in the middle.

2. Turn

Although the Chicken Pot Pie contains vegetables, it is not bulky. Add fiber to your meal by serving lettuce with it.

It’s light, crunchy and nutritious – a fantastic contrast to the rich, savoury Newbies.

Spinach salad with a tangy orange vinaigrette goes perfectly with your savory stew.

Mix spinach, oranges, cheese, nuts and your favorite berries and drizzle with a citrus vinaigrette. How sublime.

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3. Fried vegetables

Serving roasted vegetables is a great way to increase the volume of food without overwhelming guests.

For example, you can use any vegetables you like. B. Carrots, potatoes, peppers and cauliflower.

But here’s my suggestion: roasted broccoli with parmesan cheese. It’s creamy, crunchy and very tasty.

It’s also incredibly easy to make. Brush the broccoli florets with olive oil, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and bake.

Not only suitable for CPP, but also for almost all other members!

4. Mashed potatoes

Chicken Pot Pie is a savory pie, so why not add some contrasting flavors and textures? Introduce the mashed sweet potatoes.

It’s soft, creamy and has just the right amount of sweetness to break up the richness of your pan. You can also use the mashed potatoes to wipe off the sauce!

5. German potato salad

You don’t have to be German to love this version of potato salad.

Sure, it doesn’t have that creamy mayonnaise sauce we know and love, but trust me, this vinegar-based coating is just as good.

And because the chicken pie is so savory, use this savory dish to contrast the flavors.

It also has bacon in it – and lots of bacon – making it a fan favorite.

6. Glazed carrots and parsnips

Serve the oven dish with carrots and caramelized parsnips. Fry them in butter and brown sugar and you’re done!

7. Maize on the cob

Chicken Pot Pie is not the easiest dish to make. Because preparation takes some time, you want an effortless side dish that complements the flavors and textures of the entree.

A regular corn cob will do, too.

Boil these golden beauties for a few minutes and they are ready to use. If you ever want it a little faster, here’s a suggestion: a microwave!

This reduces the cooking time, but results in a deliciously sweet corn.

8. Asparagus

These nutritious sprouts add a contrasting crunch to your cake, and all it takes is a little lemon juice and pepper to bring out the flavor! It doesn’t get any easier than that.

9. Brussels sprouts and bacon

How about roasted Brussels sprouts for another easy, crunchy side dish? To add flavor and texture to kale paired with salty, smoky bacon!

This is a delicious combination that brings out the flavor of the chicken pie. The colors also bring more brightness to your plate.

10. Macaroni and cheese with cauliflower

If you’re a big fan of mac and cheese, this is a great alternative that goes well with chicken pot pie.

If you use cauliflower instead of pasta, the dish will be lighter without sacrificing flavor.

You still get all the cream and cheese without the starch.

11. iced tea, unsweetened

And now for a refreshing drink. A big glass of unsweetened iced tea is all you need for chicken pie.

The mild taste of the tea forms a refreshing contrast with the richness of the dish.

12. Applesauce

If you have a spicy chicken pie, you want something fruity as a contrast. And that’s exactly what applesauce does.

It gives a sweet, refreshing flavor that is reflected in the spices in your pan.

Apples are also excellent with chicken, carrots, celery and onions.

Unsweetened or with cinnamon, applesauce tastes great on your entrees. It’s no use!

13. Cranberry sauce

Don’t have time for complicated pages? No problem. A simple cranberry sauce is all you need.

Simply season the tart berries with rosemary, thyme, sage and rosemary for a tasty sauce. Perfect for this creamy chicken and cheese pie.

Together they form a beautiful symphony of flavors. I like it.

14. Fruit salad

To end the meal, treat your palate to a light dessert. A good, clean salad with your favorite fruit will do.

You can serve the apple, melon, pear and kiwi slices plain, or you can drizzle them with maple syrup or honey for extra sweetness. How charming!

15. Watermelon

The last item on our list is another simple and refreshing dessert. Watermelon is such a phenomenal fruit that it deserves a special mention!

You don’t need to serve it with other fruit, as it’s impressive on its own. It is sweet, juicy and so good for the body. Plus, that rich, vibrant shade of red is beautiful.

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