What to Serve with Chicken Wings: 18 Incredible Side Dishes


Chicken wings are perhaps the king of appetizers. What makes chicken wings so irresistible? Maybe it’s the combination of crispy skin, juicy chicken and a rich, creamy sauce.

In fact, chicken wings are so delicious that we often serve them as a whole meal. But there are some incredible side dishes that go perfectly with this favorite game of the day. Except for the traditional celery and carrot sticks dipped in ranch.

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And because there are so many different sauces for chicken wings, you first need to determine what flavors you’re working with. Are you serving sweet and spicy honey mustard chicken wings or spicy sriracha chicken wings? Do you prefer Asian flavors or classic Buffalo flavors?

No matter what your favorite sauce is, there’s always a perfect side dish to go with it. Don’t worry, because I’ve done all the research for you. From classic and traditional side dishes to creative and trendy treats, I have it all for you.


Check out the delicious side dishes below to serve with a basket of chicken wings. These side dishes will make your next party a guaranteed success.


1. Sweet potatoes

You’ll be surprised how simple but perfect the baked sweet potatoes taste with the chicken wings. It’s so easy to do, but so rewarding. Add a knob of butter for flavor and it’s done.

But while a baked or roasted sweet potato is already a fantastic side dish, you can take it to the next level by stuffing it. You can stuff sweet potatoes with all sorts of things. My suggestion? Broccoli and lots of cheese.

The combination of sweet, salty and creamy is to die for! Plus, sweet potatoes and broccoli provide balanced nutrition for these delicious chicken wings.

2. Stuffed mini sweet peppers

How about stuffed peppers? These Bad Boys are hot and cheesy and go well with chicken wings.

Since the wings are probably fried, pair them with something less greasy. So instead of traditional jalapeño poppers, why not cook stuffed peppers?

Plus, you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot. Cooked peppers are not as hot as raw peppers, so they are edible. And if you stuff them with cheese and bacon, those flavors balance out the spiciness of the peppers.

3. Avocado Fries

And I’m not just talking about the classic fries, nor their cousin, the sweet potato fries. I mean avocado fries. Yes, you read that right! The avocado fries are crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside.

And because avocados are rich in good fats, you can eat them without having a bad conscience. You can even bake them in the oven or use a hot air fryer to make even healthier side dishes.

Avocado fries are delicious dipped in a creamy sauce and eaten with a basket of wings.

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4. Onion rings

Even the toughest kids won’t say no to onion rings. Like chicken wings, they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

That’s probably why these two fingers make a nice pair. Serve baked or fried onion rings at your next party and your guests will thank you.

5. Fried rice

Rice is a staple in many Asian cuisines, so it can only be served with Asian style chicken wings. Roasted or steamed, it is the perfect addition to your meal.

6. Corn bread

Cornbread is a popular side dish, but pairing it with chicken wings is not as common. I honestly don’t know why many people haven’t tried it yet, because it tastes great with wings!

It has a subtle sweetness that contrasts nicely with the salty flavors of the chicken wings. You can even take it to the next level by making your own creamy, buttery concoction on corn bread.

7. Macaroni and cheese

Don’t you love things that are both delicious and easy to make? As far as side dishes go, macaroni and cheese is a beloved classic, and for good reason.

The combination of crispy, juicy chicken and thick, velvety, cheesy pasta is absolutely perfect. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes, whether you do it from scratch or pour from a can.

8. Pasta salad

It’s creamy, delicious, filling and very easy to make! Combine cooked elbow noodles, mayonnaise, hard boiled eggs, mustard, shredded chicken and vegetables of your choice. Best served chilled.

9. Pasta salad

It’s the perfect way to add an Italian touch to your party. It’s a delicious source of carbohydrates that goes well with chicken wings, especially spicy ones. Because pasta salad is filling, it’s a great side dish for large crowds.

10. Potato salad

This is definitely one of the most common side dishes with chicken wings. It goes very well with chicken wings. It’s rich, satisfying, and phenomenal. The combination of warm wings and cold potato salad also creates a pleasant contrast that delights the taste buds.

To make potato salad, use potatoes with a russet, white or red skin. Cook them for 20 minutes and cut them into pieces. Mix with mayonnaise, lettuce and buttermilk and season with salt and pepper. You can also add onions and celery for extra flavor.

11. Cauliflower salad

Everybody loves potato salad. But even though it looks like a salad, let’s face it, it’s not really healthy. So in this day and age when people are looking for lighter options, why not make cauliflower salad to go with your wings?

It’s delicious, much more nutritious and has far fewer calories. They are also very easy to make. Cook the cauliflower until it is as soft as boiled potatoes. That way, even your kids won’t notice they’re eating vegetables!

12. French fries with twist

You’re probably already thinking of fries with chicken wings, but if fries are already so delicious, why not take this classic dish to the next level? There are many ways to prepare fries in a new way. One is sour cream, cheese, minced meat, jalapenos, and everything else! Think of it as nachos, but use chips instead of fries.

13. Koleslow

Chicken wings are very rich, so it’s good to balance them with vegetables. Coleslaw is another classic side dish that goes well with wings.

But why not try a different sauce this time? Some people find classic mayonnaise too creamy for their taste buds, especially when paired with another rich dish. The dressing gives a nice fresh taste to your salad that goes well with any wing. It is also much healthier than conventional clothing. Very easy to make!

14. Garden salad

And speaking of nutritious side dishes, we can’t help but mention the classic garden salad. This is a light, refreshing, colorful and nutritious dish that counterbalances the heaviness of the chicken wings.

The nice thing about salads is that they can be adapted entirely to your taste. You can add any vegetables, protein, fruit, nuts and sauce and you’ll get great results. As long as you use fresh produce, you’re safe.

15. Maize on the cob

The corn on the cob, grilled to perfection and covered in butter, is simply divine. But if you don’t have a grill, don’t worry. You can still enjoy corn on the cob by boiling it.

16. Vegetable Grain

Celery and carrot sticks are already common, but what can I say? This is the most common side dish to chicken wings! You can also add other vegetables such as cucumber, radishes and asparagus. The key is to use vegetables that are crunchy. It’s better with a blue cheese sauce.

17. Oven roasted vegetables

Just as raw carrots and celery go well with wings, so do roasted root vegetables. Prepare the carrots, potatoes and beetroot, slice and place on a baking sheet. Drizzle with a little olive oil, season with salt and pepper and fry. It’s 100% delicious, healthy and guilt-free!

18. Brussels sprouts


And speaking of roasted vegetables: Brussels sprouts are not to be missed either. This vegetable is the object of undeserved hatred, but when cooked properly, it tastes really good. They only develop that rather unpleasant smell if you overcook them, so you have to keep a close eye on them. If you cook it right, you get delicious, crispy, caramelized brussels sprouts.



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