What to Serve with Beef Stroganoff: 14 Savory Sides


Turn your catfish into an unforgettable fishing feast with these delicious side dishes. From creamy coleslaw to sweet corn bread, you’ll love these side dishes.

Catfish is a delicious southern dish. The fish is dipped in corn batter and fried in bacon fat, so you can imagine how exciting that is!

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It’s usually the headline act at the Fish Fry, a southern-style picnic where they fry up a ton of fish and serve a bunch of nifty dishes on the side.

This means that no matter how delicious fried catfish is, you will need to pair it with side dishes (preferably southern) to complement its rich flavor. If you don’t know what flavours go well with fish and chips, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are 15 supplements for catfish.

1. Rice with lime and coriander

Baked brill isn’t exactly a savory dish, so you’ll want to pair it with a savory side dish. A simple bowl of steamed rice will do.

If you want to give it more flavor, add some cilantro and lime juice. The sweet and spicy taste contrasts with the richness of the fish and makes it a fantastic combination.

2. Puppies of silence

Hush puppies are a southern main course and a must with any roast. These fried corn dough balls may be simple, but they are truly addictive. You can’t have just one!

So maybe you want to make a healthier, guilt-free version of this dish. Instead of frying them, try frying them.

Fill the dough into mini muffin tins and place in the oven. They may not have that delicious crunch, but they are just as delicious.

3. French fries

Because… There’s nothing better with fried catfish than a plate of old-fashioned fries. Fat, salt, flavor – I say yes to all that. Sure, it’s not the healthiest partnership, but come on, live a little!

But if you want something healthier, you can also cook potato wedges. Sure, they don’t have the unique flavor that deep frying offers, but they’re still delicious, especially if you shower them with spices.

I like to put onion powder, garlic powder and parmesan on mine.

4. Fried green tomatoes

Here’s another southern snack that goes well with catfish! I know it’s another fried dish, but what can I say, they are delicious! And easy to make if you can add.

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Slice the green tomatoes and dip them in the corn paste. And then, as you may have guessed, bake until golden brown.

5. Macaroni and cheese

Since fried fish is crunchy and flaky, why not combine it with something rich and creamy? When it comes to creamy side dishes, macaroni and cheese tops the list.

It will not only satisfy your family’s hunger, but also delight their taste buds. Just the thought of spicy fried catfish with a bowl of creamy, cheesy pasta makes my mouth water!

6. Corn bread

To compensate for the richness, you can accompany your catfish with a sweet and crumbly quick bread. If you don’t want your cornbread to be too sweet, that’s fine too. Just reduce the sugar and add some jalapeños for a spicier bread.

7. Koleslow

Grate some cabbage and carrots and drizzle with a little mayonnaise – that’s all you need for a delicious and refreshing salad.

But if you want to make a more exciting side dish, why not add broccoli? It adds a crunchy and healthy element to the dish that will accompany your catfish perfectly.

8. Cucumber salad

Cucumbers combined with red onions, oregano and dill, then topped with Greek yogurt – sounds like a refreshing side dish! This gives your rich, tender catfish a fresh, crisp contrast. Indeed, a perfect combination.

9. salt and vinegar chips

Think of it as a modified fish and chips. The salty, vinegary chips cut through the richness of the catfish and add a crisp contrast to the dish.

And while it’s much easier to buy a bag of chips at the store, you can make it more interesting by making them yourself at home!

For homemade fries, slice the potatoes as thinly as possible. It is also very important to cut them into equal pieces, so for this you will need a food processor.

Dip the bars in the mixture of salt and vinegar for 30 minutes and then bake them until they are crispy and golden brown.

10. Cauliflower puree

Here’s another healthy alternative to America’s favorite mashed potatoes. As you know, cauliflower is much healthier and lower in calories than potatoes.

But it doesn’t lack for flavor, and you still have creamy, flavorful mashed potatoes without the guilt. Top the mashed potatoes with cheese, sour cream and bacon for an even more irresistible side dish.

11. Maize on the cob

Add a refreshing twist to your richly fried catfish by serving it with grilled corn on the cob. Drain this golden beauty with a little oil and season with salt and pepper. Yummy!

12. French fries with asparagus

If you want a healthier alternative to regular fries, use asparagus instead of potatoes. And instead of baking the skewers, you can just put them in the oven! I promise they will be just as crisp and exciting.

Asparagus coated with panko breadcrumbs and panko cheese for extra crunch and flavor. Who knew something so healthy could taste so good?

13. Fried okra

Baked okra is another southern main dish that makes the taste of this vegetable so irresistible. Before you swear not to use okra again, try this simple recipe.

Sprinkle okra with cornmeal and bake until golden brown. I’m 200% sure you’ll change your mind. You can even add it to your rotation menu!

14. Peach dish

How about another southern classic for dessert? Finish your delicious meal with an equally delicious peach cobbler!

After that delicious catfish meal, your taste buds are probably craving something refreshing, and I’m sure a bite (or two) of peach pie will satisfy that craving.

Luscious peaches in a sweet sauce and a flaky crust with a buttery crumble? I won’t say no.

15. Artisanal ice cream

This is a fun way to end your seafood meal. Let your kids help and make homemade ice cream!

All you need is milk, heavy cream, condensed milk, vanilla extract, salt and patience while you wait for the ice cream to freeze.

If you want a healthier dessert, frozen yogurt is also very tasty! If you have plain yogurt, whipped cream and honey, you can make your own fruitcake!

Whatever you make, don’t forget to add fruit or berries to give it a refreshing taste. The fruit is a wonderful contrast to the rich catfish you’ll be eating, and it’s delicious with ice cream.

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