What to Serve with Beef Bourguignon (13 Savory Side Dishes)


Turn your beef bourguignon into an unforgettable meal with these 13 delicious side dishes. From mashed potatoes to broccoli, these side dishes are sure to be a hit.

Chunks of beef braised with a fork and hearty vegetables bathed in a rich red wine sauce – that’s beef bourguignon.

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This classic French soup is meant to comfort. Thick and savory, a spoonful is enough to brighten up a dull day!

Although you can eat bowls of this delicious old-fashioned beef stew on its own, eating it with side dishes makes it even more enjoyable.

Fortunately, finding the perfect accompaniment for beef bourguignon is much easier than trying to decipher it!

I’ve listed a few of my favorite bourguignon combinations! Be warned: These side dishes are sure to make you hungry.


Without further ado, here’s how to serve beef bourguignon. Make your meal special with these amazing dishes!


1. Noodles

Beef bourguignon has such a rich flavor that it’s nice to pair it with something light. Noodles is the perfect candidate for the job!

How can you go wrong with beef bourguignon noodle soup? This is comfort food at its best!

The noodles can soften the flavor of the stew well without being too bland.

2. Figure

Besides noodles, you can also prepare a stew with rice. The rice has the same chewy texture and subtle quirkiness, making it a perfect side dish for braising!

Moreover, the starch in the rice absorbs the broth perfectly, giving the dish a perfectly balanced taste.

It doesn’t matter what kind of rice you use! White, brown, long grain or jasmine all go well with beef bourguignon.

3. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are one of the most classic bourguignon side dishes for a reason.

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A raw, high-carb side dish like mashed potatoes is exactly what this protein-packed stew needs. Together they make a healthy and delicious dish.

A tender stew and mashed potatoes with sour cream and butter? That’s what I call the perfect combination.

4. Surfaces

Huge, airy popovers: the perfect bread for the perfect stew.

Imagine dipping into the stew and the starch absorbing all the delicious flavors of the broth. Oh, my God!

And if you think popovers require professional baking, you’re wrong. They are so easy to make that even beginners can do it.

5. Bread or baguette

In addition to popovers, rolls and baguettes are also excellent breads to braise with.

The rolls are soft, buttery and chewy, the baguettes are crunchy and chewy. They may have different characteristics, but they are both delicious, and they both go perfectly with bourguignon beef.

6. Green salad

You can never go wrong with soup and salad! For a thick, hearty stew, you need a simple green salad with a refreshing dressing.

Beef Bourguignon takes time to prepare, so it’s best to pair it with something quick and easy. Nothing is easier than preparing a salad: just mix lettuce, onions and parmesan, season with a vinaigrette and you’re done!

7. Green beans

Here’s another healthy side dish that works like magic with beef bourguignon. Green beans dipped in balsamic sauce are a tasty, crunchy side dish that complements the stew beautifully!

Like the salad, this dish is quick and easy to prepare – it’s ready in 10 minutes!

8. Cauliflower puree

Yes, you can’t beat mashed potatoes when it comes to side dishes. But if you want a healthier and fuller alternative, give cauliflower a try.

It may not be a sin, but I guarantee it has everything it needs. Rich, creamy, savory, guilt-free and calorie-free? I won’t say no!

9. Polenta

Light polenta with peas: This is a rich, buttery side dish that is fantastic with any kind of meat, including bourguignon.

Polenta and beef bourguignon combine to make an incredibly rich and savory dish. And it’s quick to make too! Very little effort is required on this side.

10. Baked red potatoes

Besides mashed potatoes, roasted red potatoes go well with beef bourguignon.

Boiled potatoes, soaked in olive oil, seasoned with rosemary and cooked to perfection? This dish may be simple, but it’s full of flavor.

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and delicious through and through, this is the most exquisite side dish to your beef bourguignon.

11. Broccolini

Broccoli may not be as popular, but it’s just as delicious and nutritious. Beef bourguignon is going well.

To make a ridiculously delicious broccoli dish, just brush it with olive oil and garlic. Season with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and lemon juice. Here’s how. It’s that simple, isn’t it?


12. Asparagus

Crunch, paint! Asparagus is not only good for the body, but also as a side dish to beef bourguignon.

Dipped in rosemary, garlic, butter and bacon, then baked to perfection, this side dish couldn’t be tastier or easier to prepare!

13. Garden tomato lettuce

This salad may be simple, but it has a lot of flavor. It requires only three basic ingredients: Tomatoes, cucumbers and vinaigrette.


This combination provides the lightest and most refreshing accompaniment to your stew.



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frequently asked questions

What is beef traditionally served with in bourguignon?

You can serve the bourguignon with mashed potatoes, green beans or a baguette. When I serve this dish to guests, I use mashed potatoes, but when I eat this dish on Sunday night, I prefer French bread. Honestly, this stew will be delicious no matter what you add to it!

Which starter is served with beef bourguignon?

Bacon wrapped brie would be the perfect appetizer for this bourguignon menu.

What is a good beef salad bourguignon?

Herbs and other refreshing vegetables help balance the richness of the beef bourguignon. A simple salad of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and cucumbers will do, but you can also get creative with a frisée salad with fresh pears, crumbled blue cheese and grape vinaigrette.

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